Phatwallet for the visually impaired

  • Not a thing I ever gave thought to before, but the site is a nightmare to navigate when your vision sucks.

    I recently lost a bit of sight, and navigating the web has been “interesting.”

    The colour scheme of light blue text on a white background is really hard to read, it sort of disappears.

    Does the sight have any kind of setting for white letters on a dark background? I’ve found this to be the easiest to see.

  • Global Moderator

    Thanks for asking.
    From the menu botton, scroll down to the profile section and click on settings. From there, go to the skin selection and choose Darkly. Then scroll to the bottom and click save. That should do what you need.

    Post back if you have issues and I’ll upload some screenshots to help.

  • I use the “cyborg” skin. It’s perfect for that.

  • @ctgolfer Cyborg has grey text, but Darkly is perfect.

    Thank you both.

    Why does the reply box come up as white?


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