Up to 4 Free Forto Coffee Shots + $0.50 Bonus Rebate After 2 Qualifying Purchases With Ibotta App @ Walmart &/Or Dollar General

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    Both Dollar General and Walmart have free after offer rebates for the 2oz Forto Coffee Shots. These rebates can be redeemed up to two times per receipt. For me, this has meant that if I purchase 1, the rebate will be loaded on my account again in a day or so and I can redeem it for a 2nd freebie. This matters because there is a $0.50 bonus rebate if you buy 2 on separate trips. you can either buy one at Dollar General ($2.50 rebate) and one at Walmart ($1.98 rebate) to earn the bonus, or buy both at the same store but on two different trips. It will be an at least $0.50 MM, more if the rebate is more than the price at the store.

    Exp 12-09-2018 at Walmart, no expiration listed for DG

    At DG, the offer is only valid on:

    • Hershey’s Chocolate Latte 100mg Energy
    • Pure Black 100mg Energy
    • Vanilla Latte 200mg Energy




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