FREE Ayn Rand Books for Teachers

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    High School Teachers:
    We have recently changed the web portal that teachers use to request a free set of books. Please create an account for this website by clicking “Register” at the top of this web page or “Sign In” if you already have an account. Once you have done that, please follow the steps below. You must be signed in on to apply:

    1. Click the “Request a Set of Free Books” button below.
    2. You will then be taken to our Free Books web portal. When prompted to complete the eligibility quiz identify yourself as an Educator.
    3. Next, click on the “View Programs” button.
    4. You will now see all the programs which you and your students are eligible to participate in. Create a submission for the Free Books program.
    5. Complete the Free Books application form. 

    College Professors:
    If you’re a college professor interested in offering Ayn Rand’s works to your students, the Ayn Rand Institute can help. We have free sets of books available for any purpose provided they are distributed for free to students. Professors have used them as required or for supplemental classroom reading, as recommended reading to select students, as gifts for event attendees and as awards in scholastic competitions.


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