Free Satchels of Caring tote for those with cancer

  • 1500 Club

    There is no application process and no charge to receive a Satchel of Caring, just a request from the intended recipient or a friend or organization on behalf of the recipient. The Foundation covers the production cost of each Satchel by fundraising and donations. To request a satchel, email us at, or call 412-841-1289.

    Satchels of Caring Contents

    Scarf with Tying Instructions from Anokhi USA
    Support Literature
    Prescription Drug Assistance Brochure
    Hand/Body Creams and Lip Balm
    Inspirational Literature and Bookmark
    Tissue Packets from IHR Boston International
    Blank Notecards designed by Nadia Zolak, breast cancer survivor
    Journal donated by committee members and friends
    Bookmark highlighting “Writing Down Your Soul” by Janet Conner

  • They hand deliver these within one hour of Pittsburgh only. Per an email I received from the administrator.


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