Staples: OIC Recycled Claw Staple Remover, $0.25

  • OIC Recycled Claw Staple Remover, $0.25
    alt text(Handle is made of 30% recycled plastics)
    Could be useful as a filler item–and possibly even to remove staples!

  • Ordered one for store pickup (it wasn’t available for shipping). Got an email that the order was delayed, so they ended up shipping one to the store. Am sure they spent way more than 25¢ shipping it. 🙄

  • The unit comes w/ a red plastic tab that inserts on the back-end (when the claw is pressed closed) keeping it closed. The mfr’ing cost of that tab is probably under 1¢, but I’d have no idea how/where to buy one if I wanted it.

    For 25¢ (+ tax), this is a deal just for that plastic tab. 🙂

    BTW, the product page states “Item not available in stores” (so doesn’t let you choose store pickup at that point), but once in your shopping cart, it allows you to change from delivery (which charges $9.95 S&H unless you load up your cart w/ $49.99+ worth of items) to store pickup (which includes FREE S&H). 😉

  • Down to $0.21 now (a “Business Exclusive”)…just in case you were on the fence!

  • Dropped another penny! $0.20 And with moving parts, even!
    Edit 2/25: Again! $0.19

  • Since I’m a Staples plus member, I could order one and get it delivered for free!
    I wonder how much I could get for these on Ebay! 🙂

  • @george2001 You could run a little test on your plus membership. Order one for delivery, wait for the shipping notice, and then order another one.
    Repeat that all over again, then again, etc.
    Or, first you might want to wait until it drops down to $0.18.

  • Uh oh. All the way up to $0.50 now–I guess this hot deal has expired!


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