Verizon Smart Rewards

  • Hi, all! Not sure where to post a question like this. I just learned Verizon is ending their Smart Rewards points program on Oct 31, 2017. I have never paid much attention to it, and I have accumulated 104,000 points.

    Any suggestions on how I can best use them before they disappear for the most bang for the buck? It appears that applying towards a gift card provides only a discounted price, not a “free” gift card. I don’t want to spend money to save money, in this case.

  • I used it for magazines, and the deals of the day. But that deal ended about 4 months ago. You have sweepstakes and that’s about it now.

    There is some merchandise with big discounts, but expensive. If you see something like a watch or purse you can resell, that would be the other option. There are some cheap watches that would work like Christmas gifts for people you are not too close too.

  • I used all of mine for the sweepstakes offer to win $2500 since I’m going to lose all those points anyway. I forgot the limit allowed per day so I went for the max and took me 3 days to use them all with just 20 points left on account now. I guess many went to that route also, at least I have a chance of winning rather than not having any chance at all.

  • They started with a new reward system as of 11/1. I checked MyVerizon app and clicked UpRewards and saw I have 1 credit I can spend on any offer. My choices were $5 Amzn GC, $5 Barnes n Noble GC, 2 GB data and NFL packet thingey. DH wanted the free 2GB since he uses a lot of data.

    The smart rewards has been shelved and replaced by UpRewards. Check the offers you got.

  • Thanks for the input. I got too busy and let the points expire. Oh well! I’ll have to see what the new program offers.


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