Free Project Acari Tick Collection Kit

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    Request A Kit
    We will send you a free, easy to use kit.
    Collect ticks using our kit.
    Return the kit to us. No postage required.

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    Interesting, thanks @ctgolfer

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    Thanks, ctgofer. Quote: “Our Mission: By working together with thousands of citizen scientists, Project Acari wants to understand how dangerous tick diseases are affecting our communities.
    Hundreds of thousands of people, dogs and cats are affected by tick diseases, like Lyme disease, every year. Ticks carry over 20 different known diseases, and there may be more we haven’t discovered yet. As global temperatures rise, these diseases are spreading.
    Project Acari is going right to the heart of this epidemic. We are studying the ticks themselves to find out where the risk of contracting disease is highest, and how diseases spread from year to year. We are also studying how other factors, like climate change and the tick’s microbiome, may affect the risk of tick diseases” End Quote We’re in tick country here, and I’ve just signed up to get a collection kit.

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    Ticks are a big problem around here. My brother now has Lyme Disease because of a tick bite.


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