$5 in free Shop Your Way Rewards for first 50,000 players until 6PM CT on 10.27.17

  • If you’re one of the first 50,000 Members that play a game on the Shop Your Way Rewards site, you can earn $5 in Free Cash from Kmart, valid at Kmart.

    Contest ends at 6PM CT, or after 50,000 members have played— which ever happens first.

    Game link:

    Even if you hit the “Sorry” section of the wheel, if you’re among the first 50,000 members, you win.

    The $5 in points will appear under “Surprise Points”— the site is getting slammed right now, and it may take a bit for the points to appear.

  • Global Moderator

    Thank you for posting @MidwestUSDealGuy. Please do not post abbreviated/shortened links as they usually contain referral codes, which are not allowed on this site. Please use the most direct full link.

    The only full direct link I could find only takes you to a summary page, so look for the image below to enter.

    0_1509138605820_Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 5.04.54 PM.png

  • @fivetalents

    The shortened URL was provided directly by SYWR Rewards— it is not mine, and it does not contain any referral link. There was not any other link provided for the contest by SYWR.



  • Global Moderator

    Thanks for clarifying @MidwestUSDealGuy. If you can’t find a full, direct URL/web address, it best to provide the next closest full URL and explain what to click to get to the last step.


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