$5 Classic 10" Hanging Baskets (reg. $9.98) in-store only @Home Depot thru May 29


    Selection Varies By Store
    In-Store Only


    Last year, I picked up two baskets of multi-colored impatiens, gently separated them, then planted them ca. 8" apart along the sidewalk – didn’t take too long before the whole stretch was filled in with color.


  • I happened to stop at Lowes this morning and they had some select varieties 2 for $9 (reg. $10.98 each). I didn’t look too closely but it seemed like only the “grayish”-colored hanging pots were included in the sale. I saw pansies and (shade-loving) impatiens, although there might have been other varieties. I wouldn’t buy pansies if you want them for summer color, not in this area anyway. Here in the Northeast the blossoms are beautiful in the spring but the plants don’t do well in summer. If you then cut them back they’ll regenerate in late summer, which is ok I guess if you want yellows and purples then but to me they look out of place in the fall.

  • UPDATE on hanging baskets at Lowes: Stopped back at the same store, many more varieties available today…zinnias, vinca, torenia, impatiens, petunias…


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