NYT Crossword puzzles subscription, 1 year for $19.97, YMMV

  • I realize this may not be a hot deal to many, but a New York Times crosswords subscription is currently “on sale” at the half price of $19.97 a year. At least it was for me after my free 6 month “basic digital access” NYT subscription expired–which did NOT include the daily crosswords btw. And I’m not renewing/paying for NYT basic news.

    However, my now-expired basic digital subscription did allow me access to 3 or 4 “archived” crossword puzzles each week. That’s where I found out how elegant the online NYT crossword app is on a tablet or cell phone. Much better than the WSJ crossword app, for example. So I gladly forked over the $20 for this NYT puzzles-only access today.

    Here’s the link to the NYT crossword subscriptions.
    If you see it costing $39.95/Yr., call 855-698-8545 and ask for the half-off sale price!

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    Is the subscription only for the weekday puzzles? Old school I know, but I’ve bought books of the Sunday crosswords and Acrostics at Half Price bookstores.

  • @my4mainecoons It’s full access to all NYT puzzles, including the daily crossword and mini crossword (7 of each every week), plus scads of other puzzles, logic, spelling, and so on. Not even familiar with all those other puzzles/games.

    I’m just into crosswords, and yes, there’s plenty of lower cost/free options for crosswords, etc.

    The magic part is the great NYT crossword app on my iPad, primarily. It’s also usable on my cell phone in a pinch. I’m a luddite in many ways, but I’ll likely not go back to paper and pencil here!


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