Free Samples From SampleSource - Survey Required

  • SampleSource is going to have the most number of samples they’ve ever had for a US sample release for their fall release coming up sometime this October. There will be 10 samples available from top brands such as Arm & Hammer, Garnier, Truvia, Nature’s Path and more. Since they are having the largest amount of samples ever, you definitely have a shot at getting some samples. October Box: Also includes 100,000 coupons for free boxes of Nice ‘n Easy Root Touch-up. Note: This is only active for 4 days per year. I’m leaving this un-expired so you can read the text and sign up if you haven’t as it’s a great freebie source. -John ‘Samples’ Clark

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    It went live this am & They have only root coverup left

  • It appears they had two types of Pedigree dog items (treats/biscuits), Temptations for cats (tiny packet, I’ve gotten this before, it has about a dozen pieces), Refesh & Replens , Clairol Root Coverup, Sunlight detergent pod & Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit (for babies). I got Replens, Refresh & the Root Coverup kit, some offer for a cell phone sim card. Don’t have a dog, cat won’t miss the tiny packet of treats, I won’t miss the detergent pod, don’t have a baby. Luckily I got just what I really wanted.

    I was given the option to receive a push notification when they release samples. I usually don’t accept push notifications, but I did for this. You get an immediate notice in your browser for when samples are available.

  • After I filled out their survey, they said I didn’t qualify. I have 1 dog and 1 cat and somehow managed to mess up getting my samples…lol.


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