Why can't Smart Phone access store's wifi?

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    I have a $20 LG smart phone that I only use for iBotta.
    I don’t have phone service for it, just use internet.
    I can access internet just fine in some stores (HD, WalMart) but not in others (Staples, Petco, supermarkets).
    I know the wifi is working in those stores, I can get on it with Amazon Fire but I can’t iBotta w/ the Fire.
    I think the places I can’t get on require log on agreement but I can’t get to the agreement.
    What do I have to do to get to the log in agreement?

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    @wmnetid thanks I’ll try it. But when I search for networks its not even seeing the network…
    could the signal be so weak that phone can’t find it but tablet can?

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    Some have a accept TOS page.


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