Completely Wipe out phone's data

  • Does factory reset on the smart phone WIPEs the phone user’s data – so that no one/software can recover the data?

    If no, how do I wipe out the data on my phone before giving it away [calendar, contacts, etc.]?

    One phone I have is the older Nokia Windows phone. I have others that run on an old version of Android (4.x?).


  • Global Moderator

    I never thought of a buyer/recipient of a factory reset phone trying to recover the previous owner’s data, but apparently it’s relatively easy using any number of (often free) data recovery software).

    I’d look into whether there is any overwrite software that will populate any and all user accessible memory space on a mobile device with random/nonsense data (like zeros and ones). Once deleted data is overwritten with new data, it can not be recovered.


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