"Problem" with AdBlock

  • For the lat week or so, every time I launch Firefox (v 69.0), I was directed to a web page with the message:

    “It seems that an issue caused all filters to be removed and we were unable to restore a backup. Therefore we had to reset your filters and Acceptable Ads settings. Please check your filter lists and Acceptable Ads settings in the Adblock Plus options…” It was working fine before.


    I clicked on “Adblock Plus options”; but there was no save button. How do I get rid of that interruption by AdBlock???


  • There has been reports of a “fake” Adblock Plus offering in the Chrome store so not sure if this impacts Firefox users also. What about trying to uninstall/remove AdBlock and reinstalling?

  • You should look at the Ublock Origin extension. It accepts the same filters and whatnot and doesn’t use as much in terms of resources.


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