Subway : 2 free cookies or 20 oz. fountain drink with purchase of sub, wrap, panini, or salad (expires 11.01.19)

  • Code needs to be written on my electronic receipt and given to cashier at checkout. I will email receipt.

  • (delete)

  • On the bottom of my receipt, it says:
    “Lettuce know how we did today at and we’ll send you a sweet offer.”

    You will need info from your receipt (store number, date, time and transaction number) in order to do the survey. Survey must be completed within 5 days of your purchase. Once you complete the survey, you will get a “code” to write onto your receipt. The “code” is good for 5 days from when you complete the survey. The “code” is simply derived from the info from your receipt.

    At the Subway that I frequent, they simply ask me what cookies do you want today? YMMV, so you may want to take a screen shot of the offer and the code in addition to writing it on your receipt.

  • Some of the Subway locations I visit have flyers they are handing out for a free soda with any sub purchase


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