Samuel L. Jackson Celebrity Voice for Amazon Alexa $1

  • Description
    He’s in the cloud baby! Hollywood legend Samuel L. Jackson is here to add some fun to your Alexa experience. Just ask and Sam will give you the weather, play your favorite music, tell jokes, and more.

    To get started, just say, “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.” Then, choose whether you’d like Sam to use explicit language or not. If you change your mind later, simply go to the settings menu of the Alexa app to toggle between clean and explicit content.

    After purchasing, try saying:

    “Alexa, ask Samuel L. Jackson where he is from.”
    “Alexa, ask Sam to wake me up at 7am.”
    “Alexa, ask Sam Jackson to sing happy birthday.”

    Although he can do a lot, Sam won’t be able to help with Shopping, lists, reminders or Skills.

  • Although I don’t participate in “connected-speaker technology” myself, this does seem pretty cool.
    Better yet would be if you could configure Alexa to use Samuel L. Jackson for all replies imo. Or maybe Gilbert Gottfried.


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