Free Car Rides

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    If you are planning to drink for St Patrick’s Day, please do not drive. Uber and Lyft are competing to be the number one ride-sharing service & are giving free rides.
    Yes, you can sign up now and use to go and return from a bar/party/etc

    Lyft - Free $50 in Rides

    • Comes with pink mustaches on their ride
    • $2.65 + ($0.30/min OR $1.55/mile)

    Uber - Free $10 in Rides

    • Use Promo code uberandroidpay
    • Most popular
    • $3.35 + ($0.15/min OR $1.00/mile)

    Postmates Food Delivery - Free $10 in Deliveries

    • Works in Las Vegas!
    • You can get many deliveries around you for free for the first one
    • Use code ahqato get the $10 Credit
    • Will deliver anything for you from anywhere


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