FREE Phone Number For SMS + Calls From TextFree

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    Thankfully you can verify your freebies and dodge salespeople with this free service called Pinger also known as TextFree. Use Pinger’s mobile app or website to send and receive texts + calls for free with this great service.
    Pick the Android, iOS or Website version.Then register for an account, you’ll need a Facebook, Google or valid phone number required to verify account before they will give you a phone number. Once you get your phone number you can use it for texting, calling and more. A great utility for privacy-focused freebie hunters!

  • I wish i knew about this app before. I could have migrated to this instead of loosing my old number.

  • How long does the number last? There was or still is a site (can’t remember name) where you get a temporary number to receive a text, and it is only good for X minutes or something. I don’t text and don’t have a smartphone, just an older-than-dirt flip phone, so this would really solve a problem for me with the occasional problem where a text is required. In this case, if you don’t use the number very often, does it “expire”? Reading the website now…

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    @dionaea If you click “Keep me logged in” on Textfree Web, your account will stay active for 7 days (meaning you will not have to re-enter the password in that time.)
    So, within every 7 day period, you must click “Keep me logged in” or re-enter the password.
    I couldn’t find any expiration time.

  • @dionaea : Says 7 days, they send you a reminder, I have never lost my number I “remember” in 14-16 days, send myself a text and the number stays live. I use this for my daughter until she gets her own phone. She uses Wi-Fi at school and texts me for pickup.


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