Dish & Comcast together?

  • My (elderly) parents have Dish (tv only), and I need to get them better internet (they can only get 1.5mbps from DSL). I wasn’t thinking far enough ahead and signed them up for Comcast Internet (supposedly 10mbps at their house) a few days ago; I’ve already bought them a Arris Surfboard modem.

    Question: can Dish & Comcast come in the same cable?
    I’m guessing “no”.
    Anyone know if Comcast will install another cable into the house? (and how much?)

    Unfortunately my dad is a huge curmudgeon and I don’t want to have to interrupt his precious tv time by even walking into the tv room where he spends his entire day.

    ETA: the little bit I can figure out is that Dish Internet would actually be the DSL that we can’t get higher speeds from.

  • No, they can’t use the same cable.

    You say your parents have Dish TV already… so what they have is a satellite dish on their roof (or wherever) and the coax cables run from that dish into the house (from what I can tell they usually just drill right through the wall into the room).

    Any chance the house was originally wired with coax in the walls? If so, you can use those cables for Comcast as they aren’t used by Dish. If you don’t have any coax in the house at all (aside from what is used by Dish) then your only choice is to have something installed.

    I certainly wouldn’t have Comcast do it as I don’t think they do a good job with anything and they’re too expensive, but that’s just my opinion. Perhaps you could convince them to run a cable for you for free as part of the installation? That’s the only way I use Comcast for this. Otherwise I do it myself or find a local handyman to do it for you. You should only need one cable run, as the only thing it’s needed for is to bring the signal to the modem. After that it’s all CAT networking cable or wireless, not coax.


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