Free Pepsi Zero Sugar Beverage (Text)

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    Pepsi promised to give a Pepsi Zero Sugar product (up to $2.50) if either team during the Super Bowl LIV gets a score ending in zero! Thanks to the 49ers getting a score of 20, we get a free Pepsi Zero Sugar product!

    Link to Details

    Go to your local grocery

    Pick up a Pepsi Zero Sugar product up to $2.50 by February 4th, 2020

    Keep your receipt

    Text ZERO to 81234 and Submit your receipt (You will then send a well-lit photo of your receipt showing your purchase made by 2/4/20.)

    Follow all other prompts, and once your receipt is verified you will receive your cashback rebate from PayPal or Venmo of up to $2.50!


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