FREE Home Art Kit for Students

  • 5K Club

    Choose your kit by color and follow the four steps below to receive your art kit:
    Four Steps:

    1. Send an email to and explain in 1-3 sentences how a Home Art Kit would make your days brighter while you’re home from school. Tell us the name of your school, what grade you’re in, and attach a copy of either your Student ID, or a photo of yourself for verification purposes. Photographs will be kept strictly confidential, which means they won’t be shared publicly.
    2. Tell us the color of the Home Art Kit you’d like to receive. One per student!
    3. Include your home mailing address.
    4. Kick back and await your kit. Have a blast with art! We’d love to see what you’re making — tag us @dreaming.zebra on Instagram and Facebook with hashtags #noschool #staycool #makeart


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