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  • Punisher War Journal (2006-2009) #1

    With CIVIL WAR raging, Frank is feeling the heat. He’s square in the crosshairs of a Marvel Universe big gun who always gets his man. Until now, this wasn’t Frank’s war. But now it’s time to lock and load?

    Punisher: War Zone #1 (of 5)

    The Punisher vs. the Avengers! Welcome to the War Zone.

    Punisher (2009-2010) #1

    LIVING IN DARKNESS PART 1 The Punisher is perched atop a building on the Jersey shore with a high-powered Skrull rifle, his crosshairs trained on a target in Midtown Manhattan. But who is his target – and why?

    The Punisher (2016-) #1

    FRANK CASTLE LOSES CONTROL! A by-the-numbers drug bust is about to take Frank Castle by surprise…and he HATES surprises. The horrible fallout threatens to send The Punisher into the heart of darkness, but Castle won’t make that journey alone: A DEA agent is on his trail and attempting to get into his head…but what horrors will she find there, and will she survive the experience?…ic/358792?

  • Thanks. Only about 25 pages each but good for hitting the latrine.


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