Walmart to turn 160 parking lots into drive-in movie theaters in August

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    The movies will run starting in August until October.
    The night will have special appearances from filmmakers and celebrities. Concessions will be delivered to customer vehicles.
    Moviegoers will be able to order their drive-in essentials online for curbside pickup on the way to their movie.

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    There were speaker boxes you hung of off your car in drive ins. I wonder how audio will work at WM. Cars didn’t have a.c. so the engine wasn’t running.
    Nowadays people are apt to keep the engine running for a.c. so 2 hrs of idling across the country to add to the ozone layer. Hopefully they’ll tell people to turn off the engines. Special appearances? Since most in the film industry are around L.A. I’m guessing any special appearances will be on the West coast.


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