Free Android Game: Wanna Survive Zombie - Free through 7/12 - Google Play

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    IMGA Global 16th nominated

    a zombie apocalypse turn-based tactics game. It features a highly streamlined combat system that removes the tedious elements of turn-based combat for engaging fights against large groups of mob-like enemies that focuses on unit placement and synergies.

    The game features a diverse cast of character as you make your way towards North City. Help the survivors avoid permanent death through your decisions in combat and ration management, and they just might be able to reach the fabled Sanctuary.

    === FEATURES ===
    ● Streamlined turn-based tactical combat.
    ● Fast, simultaneous enemy movement for a true zombie mob experience.
    ● Challenging stages to test your tactical skills
    ● Focus on unit synergies and placement.
    ● Permanent death. Characters who die are gone for good.
    ● Ration management. Choose carefully who gets to eat.
    ● Delicious pixel art


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