Last day to register for free ACE-approved college courses & lock in new $149 yearly UNLIMITED rate at Sophia!

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    Some of you may have already taken advantage of Sophia’s free COVID-19 promotion.

    It ends at midnight EST tonight, 7/31. But according to this article, not yet announced on Sophia’s website, anyone who has registered for a free course prior to the end of the promotion will also qualify for a new $79 monthly or $149 yearly unlimited rate.

    From the article:

    "Pre-COVID, Sophia charged a flat fee per course of between $200 and $300. On August 1st, when we intend to remonetize the platform, we will be converting Sophia to a paid subscription offer. Anyone who registered for a free class prior to August 1st will have the opportunity to buy unlimited access to Sophia for a full year for $149 for that first year. Anyone who had not registered for a free course prior to August 1st will have the opportunity to have unlimited access to Sophia for $79 per month. And we believe this is another example of our ongoing commitment to be a leader on college affordability."

    If you need or know someone who needs ACE-approved college credits and you haven’t tried Sophia yet, go there right now and register for at least one course. There’s no cost, and that new yearly rate is hard to beat.

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    Update: $79 per month for up to two courses is the new standard rate. But anyone who had signed up for a course during the free promotion can choose the new $149 yearly rate.


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