FREE Stickers and Labels Sample Pack from exp unk

  • 5K Club

  • 500 Club offers free label samples for business owners and companies, to test the label quality before making a purchase.

    We offer two types of labels and stickers sample packs. The first includes examples of full-color, digitally printed freezer labels. They are samples from our previous orders and they will show you the quality of our work, from label stock and adhesive, to the quality of printed design on the material. You will be able to test how well the adhesive stays affixed on certain surfaces.

    The second type of pack includes print-yourself blank freezer labels, so you can try them out on your printer. You will see how well the ink is applied to our label stock, and how well the labels adhere to your packaging.

    Get a sample pack delivered right to your door so you can make sure that our labels are going to meet your needs.


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