Free Crochet shawl, art supplies, toys, gift cards - for women and the children of widows

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    *We have a Prayer Shawl Ministry that lovingly and prayerfully crochets the shawls; therefore, availability may be dependent upon completion of each shawl.

    The Care Packages provided for the children of widows are individually tailored to age and gender but include items such as a faith based book, art supplies, toys, gift cards, etc.

    If you would like one of these care packages to minister to a loved one, please complete the “Comfort and Prayer Package Request Form” below. It is our greatest desire that we are able to provide Comfort and Prayer Packages as they are requested for women and the children of widows who are facing difficult circumstances, and we praise God for His provision! We are so very thankful for any and all donations to continue in His work - your support means so much!


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