FREECABLE TV App (Android)

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    Works Like Cable or Satellite TV, but Free!
    FREECABLE TV App provides you with the latest breaking news on happenings around the globe; as well as, free TV shows, TV series full episodes, talk shows, movies, sports, cartoons, music, travel all in one app! One of the best free TV apps & free movie apps. Download now and start streaming today! ▶️

    FREECABLE TV Features
    Free News App:
    15+ news channels to choose from.
    Stream breaking news, world news, live news streams, and radio stations.
    Premium Content:
    Watch currently airing TV shows full episodes!
    2000+ free TV shows, talk shows, free movies, sports, cartoons, music, radio stations, funny videos and much more.
    Free TV App, Free News App, Free Movie App… - Your Free Entertainment Hub:
    Use it as a movie app, news app, music app, radio or tv app. A source you can trust and is completely free!
    Personalized Content:
    Customize your TV Channels! Choose what you want to watch and happy streaming!


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