I just learned something about shopping on Amazon

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    just learned something interesting about Amazon.
    I want a Concept 2 Rowing Machine. Model D
    Here it is on Amazon.
    Right below the title is a link to the Concept 2 store. That takes you here. See the Amazon logo upper left corner?
    Scroll down to see the price.
    Then, click here to see the item on Concept 2’s website.
    If you buy directly from Concept 2 you pay shipping. For me shipping would be $45.

    Regardless of who I buy it from I have to pay 6% sales tax.

    If I drive the 20 min to Morrisville they’d load it into my car. “Free delivery” of sorts.

    There’s currently an 8 week wait for machines because people have been buying to work out at home instead of at a gym. If I’m willing to wait I might be able to get a “factory second” but with a waiting list I’m sure they’re not having many “seconds”.

    LESSON LEARNED: If purchasing an item on Amazon check to see if there’s a manufacturer’s website and don’t go via the link on Amazon.

  • Wait 6 months and I suspect a bunch will show up at Goodwill and the like stores when folks stop using them and want the space back! 😏

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    I wish. 😞 I’ve been watching CL for a while. There’s one right now for $1000 and its 3 hrs away. It’s like new but would cost me more than new. The 20 yr old machines on CL go for $400-$500. They hold their value.

    I think I have a better chance on a post-Sturgis deal for a used Harley.

  • I was interested in the same model, after deciding the Echelon Rower is likely not as durable (only 1 yr warrranty), plus their high app subscription cost. Plus I’ve used these at the YMCA and it’s a good workout. So I looked on Amazon, and currently through them it’s only from Amazon Marketplace sellers, with $1510 the lowest price to get one in October. Then I went to the Concept 2 site, and behold it shows up as $900; however, they have a waiting list you sign up for…7-8 weeks is their estimate. Plus $45 UPS ground. None on craigslist near me either. So I filled out their waiting list form (probably a mistake).

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    @ukedog Why a mistake? An acquaintance is expecting his in November. He used one at gym but then gym closed due to COVID. Then he broke his hip (again) but was able to use it after first hip fracture so he got on the waiting list after he broke it again.

  • @my4mainecoons We’ll see if there’s a surge in my email spam. And if it’s still $945 shipped (plus tax) when it finally is available…

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    @ukedog Its been $900 for a long time. I’d expect you’d get that price even if it increased since you signed up when it was $900. You should be able to opt out of emails. My employer gives us a $200 Wellness benefit. We can use it for yoga classes, gym memberships, etc. I need to find out if I can use it towards a rowing machine. I also need to find out if the box will fit on the back seat of my Accord.

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    Hundreds of infections in the Dakotas, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Montana were tied to the giant Sturgis motorcycle rally in August. Maybe now’s the time to start looking for the Harley.


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