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  • Guys, I need your help. Do you try to follow the news? Have you run into issues trying to get news from different sources but found yourself spending too much on subscriptions? Let me tell you about what I have experienced.

    I am a college student who is trying to stay engaged with what is going on in the world, while also juggling many other expenses. I constantly hear that regardless of the profession I choose, being current on world events is very important. However, what I do not hear is advice on the best ways to accomplish this vague task.

    After diving in headfirst, inspired and motivated by the challenge posed to me, I started signing up and subscribing to all the news that I could. At first, I found little issues, as many places offer free trials, while some of the poorer sources are able to disguise their lackluster content for a time. I was a happy camper consuming news, with little cost (other than my free time!).

    As they say, “all good things must come to an end”. This was the case for me being able to have access to all the news I want without it hurting my financially vulnerable position. After my trial periods were up, these media outlets were asking me for all kinds of money that I was unable to pay.

    My initial thought was to try to find out what I could afford. After a little bit of digging, I realized that I could hardly even afford access to one high-quality media source (I decided, and still believe, that it is most important to consume quality media, and not misinformed, lackluster journalism).

    My financial constraints posed the problem that I was initially worried about – only hearing one angle of the issue/story. It is very important to be able to form your own opinions, and this simply does not happen by only consuming the news from one source. I was at a real crossroads.

    Ultimately, I knew that I needed to consume news effectively and ended up getting a part-time job to be able to afford it.

    Is this really the best solution? It is really eating into my time and I do not know if I will be able to keep it up. Does anyone else have other solutions? I would be super interested to hear! Please comment!

  • @studentsavings As a College student, you have insane access to news through your College library. Ask a librarian for help.

    After that, you can get access to news sources that ought to be quite varied for free by using your local public library.

    Disclaimer - I was an IT Director for a public College in Florida for 13 years.

    —. Z. —

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    If you don’t mind video/not reading, check to see if any of your preferred news outlets have a youtube channel. You’ll be able to get daily content for free (although choice of story topics will be more limited… unless you follow more channels).

    ETA: one good thing about video is that you can multitask while watching/listening, making catching up on news less of a time drain. Youtube will also suggest other news channels that you never heard of but might really like.

  • @zerenia Thats great to learn! Thanks.


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