3 FREE Shutterfly Personalized Photo Magnets w/FS

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    Select One 3″x5″ Magnet and Two 3″x3″ Magnets.
    Personalize them and use promo codes FTYDRCV7B & APPMAGS in cart.
    In your cart click manage promos and uncheck where it says Unlimited $2 magnets. Make sure only these boxes are checked:
    …Enjoy $30 off your order
    …Free economy shipping on magnets over $10
    Then go to your cart to get them free with free shipping.

  • Has anyone been able to make this work? Is there a trick to it?

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    @snowplower Yes, you MUST follow the instructions in the post & it WILL work.

  • @mrsguin This may be a YMMV, because it absolutely doesn’t work for me. Also, GREAT Halloween avatar!

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    @snowplower IIts not YMMV. When I first tried it I coudn’t gt it to work but my brain finally worked & I followed the instructions correctly & got free magnets. Wish I could do it for you.

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    Is this any better?

    1. On this page, select One 3"x5" Magnet and Two 3"x3" Magnets.
    2. Personalize your magnets and add all 3 to cart.
    3. Apply promo codes FTYDRCV7B & APPMAGS in cart.
    4. In cart, click “Manage Promos”
    5. Deselect “Unlimited $2 magnets”
    6. Make sure only the following boxes are checked:
      …Enjoy $30 off your order
      …Free economy shipping on magnets over $10
    7. Click ‘Return to Cart’ and proceed to checkout.
    8. Total will be Free with free shipping.

  • @mrsguin I’m stumped, because I did exactly what you listed, in order. For some reason, it’s not accepting the FTYDRCV7B code. I get the following error message: Thanks. Please click “Manage Promos” at checkout to apply this promo to your order. but when I try, it just doesn’t "take."
    Thanks for following up. This would be a good one.


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