FREE Palo Alto Wine Society Corkscrew

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    It combines bottle opener, foil cutter and corkscrew in one

  • You yourself listed Palo Alto wine Society as a fraud.

    FAKE ALERT: Free Unbreakable Wine Glasses from Palo Alto Wine Society
    take note of a fake deal from Palo Alto Wine Society offering free unbreakable wine glasses. This one has a lot of proof backing the fact that it’s a fake offer, so be careful if you ever come across it.

    One of the biggest red flags is that the website is lacking a way to do real business – there is no way to buy these glasses after requesting your free sample. Very concerning is the fact that there isn’t a way to join this wine club. That makes sense when you realize there is no registered club under that name (Google it) and they do not publish an address on their website. It also mentions a monthly club and actually having meetings for wine lovers so they can’t even get their business model right. But what’s interesting that they can manage to publish multiple fake freebies all the time! This is the page that shows up after you fill out the request form. It actually takes you to affiliate spam that they make money off. If you ever see that after signing up, you are 100% using a fake freebie offer.


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