Holiday Tipping Luxury Residential Building Boston

  • I would like to discuss holiday tips for residential building staff.  Specifically, it would be great to find out what you think the most common holiday tip amount (the “mean”) is for the following personnel in a luxury residential building in Boston.

    Concierge, full time
    Concierge, part time
    Maintenance (5 different people fixed stuff like my thermostat, drains, etc.)
    Management (a general manager, and a few people below her)

    When I asked staff, I got answers like, “Any amount is fine and will be appreciated.”  The problem is that I would very much prefer an answer that is an exact amount, and not a wide range like the online articles are providing.  So far, I’ve been pretty much using the average (middle number) between the highest and lowest number and considered that a neutral tip, anything above it being for outstanding service, or below it for not utilizing that person.  Of course, an average is not a mean.  While everyone likely makes educated guesses about this (with varying levels of experience), I would love to find out what other people’s systems are, and what you think is the most common tip for the staff mentioned above.  This is the end of my first year in a luxury building with staff (and I am not from the city).

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    @lex I wonder what the universe is of the intersection of PHW members and residents of Luxury Residential Buildings.


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