CBS All Access - One Month free for new customers (January edition!)

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    Use code NFLONCBS to start a new subscription. Just be sure to cancel before the month is over or you’ll be charged for the 2nd month.

    Coupon code above needs to be entered on the same screen that you give your Credit Card or Paypal info.

    Offer expires 1/24/21 at 11:59pm PST

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    thanks @Connman

  • @connman said in CBS All Access - One Month free for new customers (January edition!):


    The code appears to work for a free month if resuming a previously canceled subscription.
    I’m not sure it will work to get a free month on an existing subscription.

    Since Picard Season 2, Star Trek Discovery Season 4, and Star Trek Lower Decks Season 2 will not be available for a while, I’m planning to wait until at least one of them resume before I extend or resume a subscription.

    What programs currently available do you feel justify resuming or extending a subscription now?

    I plan to check out The Stand and Coyote before I decide.

  • Thanks for sharing the code.

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    The code came as an email to my wife on an account that we didn’t end up opening, so it’s a for a new one. Didn’t try it on an existing account as I’m still using the December freebie code for another 7-10 days.

    I’m a Star Trek fan, so I caught up on Lower Decks and Discovery season 3. I also checked out Coyote, since I like Michael Chiklis from The Shield. Enjoyed all three of them (and Discovery season 1 and 2 before). Also enjoyed Picard season one earlier on a different promo. The Short Treks are also kind of need, but, well, short. Still worthwhile.

    Not really interested in The Stand. Was interested in The Good Fight after The Good Wife concluded, but there are too many seasons already for me to have interest in watching that much. I guess the newer Twilight Zone could be interesting, too.

    Now considering trying Why Women Kill, which I watched the first episode of back when it came out, but didn’t have time to watch before that freebie expired. Lots of people like rewatching stuff that was on CBS back in the day, but that’s not really me. But there is a lot out there.

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    exp 1/24


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