Free 2000 points with promo code from Allstate Rewards (Not available in all states)

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    For those who use Allstate rewards, they are offering 2000 points for using promo code: 4NEW2021SAVE

    Also here are some older codes you can try and use if you have not already used them:
    Code: NEW2021SAVE2K 2000 points
    HELLO2021 2021 points
    2KFRESH2021 2000 points

    Not available in all states

    To redeem:
    On desktop, Go to the link, Login, copy and paste promo code into the promo box right along the top of the page, and tap the arrow.
    On mobile page, go to the link, login, tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the page, about halfway down the menu paste the code into the promo code field, then tap the arrow.

    Also, you will get 50 points for signing in, and 1 automatic free entry in each of the active sweepstakes(only one per day).


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