Sennheiser Set 840 S Wireless Stereo TV Listening System $69 + FS @ Adorama - exp unk

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    Receiver is ideal for connection to hearing aids and headphones (3.5 mm stereo jack plug)
    Easy to set up and operate
    Wireless mobility within a range of up to 100 m
    Transmits even through walls
    Ideal for plasma TVs
    Excellent individual stereo sound
    Three selectable hearing settings on the transmitter: optimized speech intelligibility due to switchable compression and treble emphasis
    Treble emphasis can be set individually
    Large, ergonomic volume control on the receiver
    Balance control on the receiver for setting the volume for the right and left ears
    Lithium polymer battery technology ensures a long operating time of up to 9 hours
    Receiver can be placed in the transmitter’s charging compartment facing in either direction
    Three selectable transmission channels on the transmitter for optimum reception
    Auto-tuning - automatic channel search tuning can be activated on the receiver
    Integrated charging compartment in transmitter for spare battery


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