Fortnite and Rocket League Class Action Settlement

  • 5K Club

    If you are a Settlement Class Member who acquired a Fortnite random item “Loot Llama” loot box or a Rocket League random item “Crate” loot box where the contents were not known until after you opened it, you do not need to complete a Claim Form in order to receive 1,000 V-Bucks or 1,000 Credits in the Fortnite or Rocket League account in which you acquired that item. You only need to submit this Claim Form if you believe you are entitled to, and would like to receive, the additional benefits made available by the Settlement.

    To receive benefits, you must file a Claim Form. We encourage you to do so online on this website. Claim Forms must be submitted no later than April 26, 2021. Claims submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. A Claim Form must be completed by a legal adult, but parents or guardians may submit claims on behalf of minors.

    Class Members may file only one Claim Form related to Fortnite purchases and one Claim Form related to Rocket League purchases, and may receive only one benefit for each game, regardless of the number of separate game accounts a Class Member may have had.


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