Click-n-Flame 3-pack refillable butane utility lighters @Albertson's $1.99 in store only. Expired

  • This could be highly YMMV since I don’t know if it’s repeatable, but I’ll post it just in case anyone is interested and wants to put it on their “next time I’m in that store I’ll check for…” list . I was in Albertson’s Supermarket and saw a 3-pack of Click-n-Flame refillable butane lighters for $1.99 . Two straight shaft and one flexible in red/white/and blue. That’s $1 each and they’re better quality than the Dollar stores items. My store was doing a shelf reset that might be the cause of the pricing but I don’t know. Sorry but I do not have any identifying numbers, so no way to search online for stock. Happy hunting!
    If you want to see what they look like.


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