New T-Mobile Customers w/ Apple iPhone XS or Newer: 30 Days or 30GB of LTE Data - FREE

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    Deal Instructions:
    To activate the trial, download the T-Mobile Network Test Drive app from the Apple App Store.
    Open the app and allow the app to complete the compatibility check.
    Once your device compatibility is verified, you will be offered to opt-in to important Network Test Drive notifications on your device.
    Enter your name, email and a contact phone number, and accept the terms and conditions.
    Review how to setup the T-Mobile trial profile on your device, then tap next.
    Tap Begin installation.
    Tap Continue to install the T-Mobile network onto your available eSIM profile.
    Tap Add Cellular Plan.
    You now have 2 cellular plans on your device, your primary network (physical SIM) in addition to the T-Mobile Network Test Drive plan. The T-Mobile Test Drive plan will be labeled Secondary. You have the option to rename this if they like.
    The Default Line is used to make calls or send messages. It is recommended you select your Primary network provider as your Default Line. This allows you to be able to send and receive calls from both your current carrier and the T-Mobile trial line without any interruption. You can always change the default line later in Settings.
    It is recommended you set your current network provider as the Primary line, to associate your Apple ID for iMessage and Facetime and to send and receive messages. You can always change this in iMessage & Facetime Settings.
    Select Secondary in Cellular Data. This is very important so that you can experience the T-Mobile data network and get the most out of the Network Test Drive app. It is recommended that you leave Allow Cellular Data Switching turned off. You can change this later in the settings, if you choose. See: eSIM settings: Apple iPhone on iOS 14
    Once complete, you will be presented the trial dashboard and can revisit the app at any time to see your trial progress and data usage or get support.
    Promotion Details:
    Use your current phone and phone number.
    During the trial period, you will be provided with a temporary number that you can use voluntarily for calls and texts. By default, your primary number with your existing network provider will be used for calls and texts.
    Once the trial expires, you will not be able to keep the temporary number that you were assigned.
    At the end of the trial, your current provider remains active on your device and the deactivated T-Mobile eSIM profile can be safely removed.
    You’ll receive emails and text messages from T-Mobile throughout your trial to notify you of instructions, and status.
    Current T-Mobile, Sprint, and Metro by T-Mobile customers or customers of T-Mobile partners using the T-Mobile network are not eligible (former Test Drive customers must wait six (6) months for eligible to try another test drive).
    The Network Test Drive app will only work on Apple iPhone XS or newer with eSIM capabilities.
    Your Apple iPhone must be unlocked, must be on iOS 14.5 or higher, and not be using eSIM for your current provider.
    If you have an iPhone 12 or newer, you will get to experience T-Mobile’s blazing fast 5G network.
    If you have an older or incompatible device, you can still Test Drive by signing up for a Test Drive hotspot. To sign up for the Test Drive hotspot option, visit
    You can sign up for a free Test Drive account once every six (6) months.
    Network Test Drive is limited to 30 days or 30GB data, whichever occurs first.


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