Citi Custom Cash Card (5% groceries or other automatic categories up to $500/bill)

  • One of the better no annual fee cards that came out recently. Instead of rotating quarterly categories that come and go (like with Chase Freedom), this Mastercard gives you 5% back on the category you spend the most on each billing cycle, up to 5% cash back on $500 spent, with 1% after)

    There should also be a $200 signup bonus after $750 spend within 3 months available through Credit Karma (which is where I initially saw this). The signup bonus also seems to be working from the direct link on Citibank.

    direct link on citi card page:

    nerdwallet review:



    Earn 5% cash back on purchases in your top eligible spend category each billing cycle, up to the first $500 spent, 1% cash back thereafter

    5% eligible categories:

    gas stations
    grocery stores
    select travel
    select transit
    select streaming services
    home improvement stores
    fitness clubs
    live entertainment

  • Some notes based on personal experience:

    • Citi is NOT doing conversions from other cards (eg ThankYou Preferred) yet

    • Credit Inquiry hit is against Experian

    • Other forum reports that the offer in branches is $300 bonus after $1000 spend, which is the same offer for Citi employees

    Other forums are reporting successful product conversion from ThankYou Preferred and Citi Dividend with no change to account number and conversion/transfer of existing rewards balance.


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