Trials Fusion (PCDigital Download) FREE @ Ubisoft Japan - exp 09/11

  • To claim Trials Fusion free of charge, you need to visit this Trials Fusion store page. Make sure to stay at the Japanese website to be able to get Trials Fusion for free.
    Press the blue button under the price, log in with your Ubisoft account and claim your free Trials Fusion game.
    Note for PC Users: You may also need to toggle Responsive Design Mode on your web browser on PC (“CTRL+SHIFT+M” for Firefox users, “CTRL+SHIFT+I” for Chrome users and once you are in console, CTRL+SHIFT+M to switch to phone viewing mode). If that’s too complicated, you can just claim with your smartphone.トライアルズ-フュージョン/56c4948d88a7e300458b4888.html


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