Free EDCare 2022 calendar

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    EDCare is thrilled to announce the release of our 7th Annual Experience Calendar!
    For over 20 years, EDCare has provided life-saving eating disorder treatment to those in need. Our team of experts know the relentless and intrusive nature of eating disorder thoughts, feelings, and emotions. One form of psychotherapy used in the treatment of eating disorders is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This year, our 2022 Experience Calendar was developed around the theory of ACT and its 6 core principles.

    Cognitive Defusion
    Being Present
    Self as Context
    Committed Action

    Through these concepts, individuals learn that instead of attempting to “get rid of” or “change” their eating disorder thoughts and feelings, there is an alternative and more useful skill they can turn to – the power of flexibility! Check out our calendar to learn more!
    We hope you also enjoy exploring EDCare’s empowerment-based treatment philosophy CAMSA®. Each month, we identify one concept for you to focus on. In doing so, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself through Connection, Acceptance, Mindfulness, Sense of Self, and Action.

  • Fyi- ED = Eating Disorder…not the other ED 😬


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