hair removal at home

  • who uses what? I am still choosing between buying an epilator or a home hair removal kit (wax or sugaring). What is more efficient?🤓

    On the one hand - if you bought an epilator once and use it forever (about 10 years or even more). But it does seem to leave a lot of ingrown hairs, which is kind of a HUGE problem😫

    wax sets need to be replenished every couple of months. It will end up costing🤔

    Please tell me what you do for hair removal, which kind do you prefer and how do you decrease the overall price?

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    On what part of the body?

    Above the neck, epilators never gave me ingrown hairs on my face, but then I exfoliate regularly so that probably makes a huge difference. I also use threading as my lazy, close at hand go to. It’s super cheap and gets easier the more you practice. It can be difficult to grab the hairs you want without a mirror but you can do it while watching TV or listening to the radio or something. The exception is my eyebrows… I always use Revlon slanted tweezers. One thing I’ve always wanted to try is sugaring (you make your own “wax” by cooking down sugar and lemons. I hear it works very well. It’s probably a lot cheaper than wax and you don’t have to heat it up to use it.

    Below the neck, my hairs are so sparse that I just run a 4 or 5 blade razor across them a few times before I rinse off the lather when showering. I use the kind with the plastic string wrapped around the blades to prevent nicks. There use to be free offers for them often but I rarely see those anymore. If you are not averse to regular razors, you can make them last a lot longer by using a strop or just running the blades backwards against your skin to resharpen them (google it or watch YouTube videos).

  • helpful information, thanks! If I’ll buy epilator can I use glycolic acid pads ( i use this one for exfoliating after it?

  • @fivetalents thanks!

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    @poll-by said in hair removal at home:

    helpful information, thanks! If I’ll buy epilator can I use glycolic acid pads ( i use this one for exfoliating after it?

    I feel like the epilator itself is mildly exfoliating. The thought of putting anything acidic on my face directly afterward epilating makes me cringe. Everyone is different though, so you may not have a problem with it, but I’d wait a day or two before using those pads on my face. Maybe use something that calms (e.g., witch hazel) or heals (aloe) right afterwards.

  • @fivetalents I’ve underestood you now) i thought that you use exfoliate peeling
    So, some soft calming cream or gel, Thanks for recommendation!

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    I don’t use chemical exfoliation. I use mechanical/abrasive scrubs that are gently enough to use daily if desired/don’t leave the skin feeling abraded or raw. I’d use mechanical exfoliation the day before using the epilator, then immediately use witch hazel or aloe, and (if desired) wait a couple of days before using glycolic acid or other chemical exfoliators.


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