Prime Gaming June - Far Cry 4, WRC 8, Escape from Monkey Island, Calico, Astrologas

  • Available now. Must link Amazon account to Ubisoft to claim FarCry 4

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    I am completely confused about the Pokemon GO offer. It looks like you can only sign up for a Pokemon GO account with Google, Facebook, or Niantic Kids. I have a Google account only because it was the only way I could sign up for something a few years ago, I don’t like it, and I don’t access the Google account itself. I keep it only because it is the email of record for a couple of memberships because a Google account was the only thing that would be accepted, and I’m not happy about the username I used at the time and would like to create a new Google account and get rid of the old one. I use our local service provider email and a hotmail account for just about everything, and I do not ever link anything to my Facebook account. Which leaves using the Google account. I don’t know why Pokemon would be so restrictive. So my questions are - First, can I set up a new Google account, update the email of record on the sites that required using a Google account, delete or close the old Google account, and Secondly, is using a Google or Facebook or Niantic Kids account the only way to obtain a Pokemon Go account?

  • @dionaea You might try the Pokemon Trainers Club. Simple create screen name/password, email, verify email. I don’t play it so I’m not sure if this substitutes for a Google login but some say it does.

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    Thanks! I’ll try that.


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