Useless printed catalogs

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    It’s taken years to STOP getting useless printed catalogs only to end up in landfills. They’re out of date when printed & the cost to ship a FREE useless catalog is passed on in higher prices to all of us.
    Shopping online show’s current item prices and availability plus discontinued items.

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    I agree but I like looking at the pictures and turning the pages in a gardening catalog.

  • I agree for reading purposes, I still want to hold an actual book when I’m reading.

    Free printed catalogs delivered to my home, no thanks, I can go to the website.

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  • Check out It’s a free way to quickly and easily unsubscribe from catalogs and the like.

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    Pardon my ignorance but do they still use actual textbooks in school? Do kids still see Jane, Dick and Spot run?

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    @my4mainecoons They have the books IN the school, but those books are also available electronically for the students to access at home (or anywhere else), so they don’t have to lug the heavy stack of books around.

    As far as seeing Jane, Dick and Spot run, they can do that on their phones, tablets, and the such. I would guess they are still physically in the school as well, but it’s totally possible that it’s all on tablets (or other screens) at this point.

    My (now 23 year old) son year old missed receiving a school issued tablet by a year, back when he was in K-12 (5th or 6th grade, IIRC).

    Of course, different schools in different districts in different states will do things, well, differently. Covid, no doubt, helped speed the transition away from books - especially when the schools didn’t have a set of books for every student to take home for remote learning.

  • @jess888 Thanks Jess, I just updated my preferences.


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