Free Cookie Mix from Renewal Mills

  • Many months ago, you requested a free product coupon for one of our award-winning baking mixes at Whole Foods. The interest we received was overwhelming (a good thing!) so it took us a bit to figure out the best way to deliver your coupon.

    At long last, please follow this link (or click on one of the buttons) to claim your coupon. You’ll be asked to provide your phone number - this is only for reimbursement purposes. We do not keep or use your number for future marketing.

    We are a woman-founded company, crafting gluten-free and plant-based baking mixes that are better for the planet. Our current line-up at Whole Foods includes Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix, Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, and Sugar Cookie Mix.

    Now go forth and bake!

    Claire & Caroline

  • Tried the Oat Choco Chip. Delicious but uber sweet. Rebate came within a couple of days.


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