Target Gourmia 6-Qt Digital Window Air Fryer See through window, with 12 Presets & Guided Cooking Black $39.99 ExpUnk

  • This is the one I bought. It has a through the window, air fryer.
    A different model, of the Gourmia, is rated no 2 in Air Fryers, in Consumer Reports Dec 2023.

  • I had a $30 Target credit for buying a portable kitchen island, in the last 2 years.
    I paid $140 when it was on sale. Over a 3 weeks they lowered it to $110. I checked the price every week, $10 per week! Asked customer service for a $30 credit, and they gave it to me, with argument! Net cost for the Gourmia is $10!

  • I opened it today. It took half an hour open the box, from Gourmia! There was a handle on the box from Gourmia, but Target covered it with wrapping tape along the seams. I finally opened it with a razor knife. The handle and everything I cut off, the top, I took out the air fryer, ruining the box it came in! I would have used the box with the handle! It had a large amount of cardboard with the 2 cardboard inserts that came with it! Then I had to vacuum the floor, to get all the cardboard that was left behind! I thought the “Air Crisper” was missing, The manual said to PUT the Air Crisper on the bottom of the tray. I looked through all the packing cardboard for it! I was going to call Target.Then I looked at the bottom of the air crisper, and it was already there! LOL

  • I cooked turkey cutlets after marinating for two days. I let the turkey cutlets drip off the marinade, before putting it in the air fryer. Set the air fryer for 360 degrees for 11min. I use 2 Air Fryer Paper Liners, to catch the mess. Never put the air liners papers, without putting anything on it. Preheat could burn them! It came out crispy and delicious, with spices from the marinade! You can buy air fryer papers on Amazon. Its a Godsend! When preheat reaches the temperature, it tells you to take out the basket, and put meat or vegetables on the basket. It stops while you put everything on the basket. It even tells you to turn the meat around, after half the time! You can put on the light on, with the bulb indicator, its a tiny button on the panel!


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