What do you have to bring along during your trip?

  • I’m very insecure. I think I’ll bring enough money,lol

  • I have traveled very little, but I have found I need to bring along is my reusable water bottle, and water flavoring, something like True Lemon because water away from home never tastes that great and I then don’t drink enough.

    Other item I keep in my luggage is a cheap night light.

  • Scan or take a picture of all your important documents (passport, drivers license, etc.) and email them to yourself. Then if you lose your stuff while traveling you can find somewhere to get online and access the copies to ease the recovery process.

    Extra pair of shoelaces can save your day, likewise a “travel size” roll of toilet paper. Earplugs for use in a noisy hotel.

  • @upinworld nice to have extra batteries especially button cell batteries. can be hard to find or very expensive depends on where you go. my luggage scale uses those and don’t want to be bothered to go find them when i’m busy packing all the goodies to take home.

  • @mom2jel It’s actually very practical.

  • @krazy9katz I think I should be ready to prepare after you said

  • @mikk1 You must be a very experienced person.Learn a lot

  • 500 Club

    Lawyers, guns and money…you don’t want to end up like Warren Zevon and have to call Dad and ask him to send them.

  • @mikk1 I have everyone’s items in my family scanned into folders on Google Drive (and then “share” their folder with them). Even in everyday life, those scanned documents have come in handy multiple times.

  • @mom2jel the other thing I do is dump my wallet on the office copier every year or so, then keep the copies in my home safe. Good to have in case my wallet ever goes missing, and also keeps a record of all the minor notes and stuff that accumulate over time.

  • I’m paranoid too, I bring currency of the place we’re going just in case our Schwab cards fail. I also do what mikki does of scanning important travel docs and emailing it to myself/DH for easy retrieval in case of theft/loss. DH (jack of all trades) made a contraption since he’s paranoid about hotel safes so he made something that won’t affect/destroy the safe but make sure it won’t be easy to open by anyone. I’m telling him to go to shark tank to show his invention and who knows, he can get one of the sharks as business partner. LOL (j/k, he’s not interested to make a biz out of it).


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