Land Deed Transfer in Family

  • My parents own the acreage lot next to me. They no longer want to build or move there so they want to transfer it to me.

    Im in Texas and not sure how it works. Do I need to get a real estate lawyer to draw up a deed? Or can I just use legal zoom?

  • Depends on how smart you are and whether your intentions are pure.

    Do you know what abstratct, torrens, and recording means? If not, get a lawyer.
    Are you trying to take advantage of old senile parents with dementia? (no offense, but it happens often). Do you have a brother or sister who will think you are swindling them out of a portion of their inheritance? If yes, get a lawyer involved.

    If you are smart enough to do it right and there is no possibility of any legal issues, then maybe, just maybe, you can handle it yourself.

  • Do you have siblings that may have claims to the property too? In my case, I have 2 siblings and I wanted full rights to a building in prime location we inherited from my dad. I offered to buy their share which both accepted since they’re both living here in the states and want nothing to do with any property overseas. Laws may vary regarding real estate transfers to kin so best for you to check with a lawyer that gives free initial consult/advice and go from there.


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