Honest Tea, Half Tea & Half Lemonade, 16.9 fl oz, (Pack of 12) $8.09 (55% off) @Amazon w/Alexa S&S

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    1. Ask Alexa to order it by saying “Alexa order Honest Tea tea and lemonade” into one of your alexa enabled devices.
    2. When she asks you if you want to order it, say “No”.
    3. Click here and order the item with Subscribe and Save. If you have 5 or more items for the month, you will get the 15% off, otherwise only 5% off.
    4. Total should be $8.09 after everything plus tax.
    Subscription summary
    Items:	$17.99
    Shipping & handling:	$0.00
    Your Coupon Savings:	-$3.60
    Alexa:	-$6.30
    Total before tax:	$8.09
    Estimated tax to be collected:	$0.54
    Order total:	$8.63


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